Jim Evans - Cloud & Infrastructure Live 2019

Jim Evans

Jim Evans started his IT career writing music for Computer Games in the 1980s. He progressed to mainstream IT and his first big project was being part of the taskforce to rescue Hoover from the Free Flights Disaster. Jim moved from Hoover to Hoskyns, later to become Cap Gemini, where he became a technical director working on Public Sector contracts. In particular, the Intellectual Property Office, where he was instrumental in setting strategy and performing large scale transformations of their infrastructure. Jim now works for the Office for National Statistics where he has held two roles. Head of Infrastructure and Architecture and Chief Technical Architect of Cloud services and Census. Jim is currently working on the system for Census 2021 that will support 27m households across multiple clouds with a dress rehearsal taking place in October 2019. Jim has also held various other positions alongside his main job including lecturing and tutoring and being a member of a symphony orchestra.